Chipita was established in Greece in 1973 as a company producing and marketing savory snacks. The main products back then were Extra cheese-flavored corn snacks, subsequently followed as of 1988 by potato chips.

1991 saw the arrival on the market of the 7DAYS croissant- individually packaged baked snack with long shelf life – followed shortly thereafter by the 7DAYS mini croissant. A few years later – in 1995 – innovative savory Bake Rolls hit the markets, rapidly establishing themselves as consumers favorite.

Chipita is currently present internationally in 4 major product categories – croissants and similar dough products, savoury snacks (Bake Rolls), cakes and confectionery.

Chipita goods, produced in 19 manufacturing plants in 11 different countries, are delivered to consumers in a total of 66 countries, either directly or through strategic partnerships.

We’re quite proud of the decade-long sponsorship by this qualitative, recognizable and beloved product. The participants of our camp are rather looking forward to their products since croissants, mini croissants , chipicao, all flavors of cake bar and others are an integral part of our menu. These products in rustling packages are a special delicacy and energy spring for trainings and competitions.
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