Girls Camp

Head Coach: 
Dragan Vuković

take your technique to the next level

Practice with specificity of female basketball:
three-point shot, dribble and passing

Training specificities

We have decided to pay attention particularly to the basic elements of individual technique: passing, dribbling and shooting. We think that these elements are of particular importance in women basketball and, by adding to these a large number of repetitions, you can significantly improve them. We’ll focus on certain specificities like the following:
Timing (passing at the right moment)
The quality of pass (accuracy and strength)
One-hand off the dribble pass
Ball control (the power of pumping the ball toward the floor)
Tracking the play (looking at the ball as less as possible)
The rhythm of the dribble (the change of height and speed)
Direction change (forward, backward)
Ball reception (preparation for the shot)
Shooting (technique, balance)
A  three point shot (the set shot after an extra pass)
Off the dribble shot
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